Friday, December 28, 2007

A Story You Should Read

I was over at BlackFive catching up on some of the stories that I've missed over the past several weeks when I came across a post from "Laughing Wolf". (For those that don't know, BlackFive brought in some other bloggers on his site.) The particular article is entitled, "Christmas Eve: Baghdad 2007". I highly recommend you read this post. For most people, the only exposure to Iraq that they receive is from the images of the mainstream media over the television (which usually consists of the same ten 2-second clips played indefinitely). This particular article, in addition to an excellent story, includes some pictures which show the true progress which the words of the media can't hide or distort.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

PSA: Evan Trembley

Attention, Earth.

"Evan Trembley" is NOT missing. Check your sources, kids. Geez.

That is all. Please resume your normal mindless wanderings (except for my readers; y'all are thinkers).


UPDATE (minutes later):
So I decided to check my source for all my "how dumb is America today" information: Facebook. I did a search for "Evan Trembley" which turned up 35 results. One person claimed to be The Fake Person who was a member of the North Korea network (undoubtedly a hoax) with the remainder being groups. Twenty-five of those groups were about finding Evan Trembley with members from the twenties and others into the thousands. Nine groups were about the fact that The Fake Person isn't missing. Titles for these groups ranged from "Evan Trembley is FOUND" to "evan trembley is a punk who needs community service".

And for my favorite internet video, with this in a close third and this in second.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Little Thing Called Respect

What the hell is wrong with the world today? How hard is it for people to NOT trash things that do NOT belong to them? So, I get home from work. I notice that someone very generously raked up all the leaves from the front yard/drive way. Wow, what a nice gesture. I get in the house & note a few leaves on the carpet. Yeah, no big deal. Whoever it was worked hard outside. Then I notice a controller of mine sitting on the couch. I guess someone watched a movie & left in a hurry & didn't put it back. No big deal.

Then I get to my rooms.

I had closed my bedroom door before I left, so nothing was touched in there. My bathroom, however, looks like Paul Bunyan came through. There's enough leaves & general "crap" in there to make half a forest. Not to mention my floor mat for when I get out of the shower has leaves & stains on it. Then I notice a funny smell. Not only had I just cleaned my bathroom counter yesterday night (which, oh by the way now has a fine coat of dirt over it) but some ass wipe used my toilet bowl brush as a plunger - the source of the smell. WTF is wrong with you people? If it isn't yours, don't Freaking touch it!! By the way, that toilet brush hadn't yet been used. Thanks, dick hole. The worst part about that toilet bowl brush? It smells like FAT person.

"Vengeance is Mine. I will repay, says the Lord."
Well, God, if you ever need a replacement, here I am.

Grow Up & Be Responsible,

P.S. - Just found toothpaste stains on my hand towel. Awesome. Useless wastes.