Friday, December 31, 2004

UFOs over Iran

According to the Islamic Republic News Agency, the two nations (Russia and Iran) are stressing "expansion of bilateral cooperation particularly in space research and construction of satellites."

Funny how those little boogers just happened to appear the same year that there is an increasing amount of US attention toward Iran, isn't it? WND has the story.

This week, the Associated Press reported Tehran's air force was ordered to shoot down any unknown or suspicious flying objects in its airspace amid state-media reports of sightings of flying objects near Iran's nuclear installations.

"Flights of unknown objects in the country's airspace have increased in recent weeks... [they] have been seen over Bushehr and Isfahan provinces," the Resalat daily reported. Nuclear facilities are located in both provinces.

"We have arranged plans to defend nuclear facilities from any threat," air force General Karim Ghavami told the paper. "Iran's air force is watchful and prepared to carry out its responsibilities."

Resalat also reported "shining objects" in the sky near Natanz, where Iran's uranium-enrichment plant is situated. One of those objects is said to have exploded, prompting "panic in the region."

In May, the Mexican air force released video footage of 11 unidentified flying objects that were only visible via an infrared camera.

It is unusually coincidental that these Unidentified Flying Objects are being observed over areas of Iran that are involved in their nuclear program(s). And why are the Russians, of all people, getting involved in UFO research with Iran?

Put on your conspiracy thinking caps, readers, this could be a fun ride.

I propose that these 'suspicious flying objects' are US aircraft, of one type or another. Before you blow me off as yet another acorn that cracked his shell, entertain the idea for just a minute. The US G-men want to know what Iran is up to with their weapons and to what stages of development they are at. We all know that the US has toys that we can't even begin to imagine (Skunk Works anyone?). We learned about the F-117 20-30 years after it had been designed and tested. The M-16 hit the Army in the jungles of Vietnam but it was under development during the '50's. We also have heard that the military is officially testing an "active camouflage" system (like the stuff Predator, the movie, uses). The active camouflage would explain why the aircrafts were picked up on radar & infrared camera but couldn't be seen with the naked eye. If an active camouflage was the case, it would also explain why "UFOs" appear to be highly reflective objects. As the system picks up light from the sun, it then re-projects that light as part of the camouflage system. I assume that it could be a bug they're trying to work out.

My only explanation for Russia's involvement would be that they are comparing and sharing notes with Iran about covert US projects.

Only time will tell. I would like to hear some of yours thoughts on this issue. Feel free to post comments.