Tuesday, December 04, 2007

PSA: Evan Trembley

Attention, Earth.

"Evan Trembley" is NOT missing. Check your sources, kids. Geez.

That is all. Please resume your normal mindless wanderings (except for my readers; y'all are thinkers).


UPDATE (minutes later):
So I decided to check my source for all my "how dumb is America today" information: Facebook. I did a search for "Evan Trembley" which turned up 35 results. One person claimed to be The Fake Person who was a member of the North Korea network (undoubtedly a hoax) with the remainder being groups. Twenty-five of those groups were about finding Evan Trembley with members from the twenties and others into the thousands. Nine groups were about the fact that The Fake Person isn't missing. Titles for these groups ranged from "Evan Trembley is FOUND" to "evan trembley is a punk who needs community service".

And for my favorite internet video, with this in a close third and this in second.