Friday, March 15, 2013

On Romance & Modern Men

While scrolling through my wonderful FB newsfeed this evening before bed, I noticed the following status, "Why is romance dead in men of my generation???"  I studied the question for a few moments.  I quickly ruled out that romance was dead among all men in the 25-40 window.  Then I started to analyze why this person was of the opinion that it was dead.  Since the art of romance was indeed not lost by an entire male generation window, I looked for another common denominator.  I considered the "sex rank" principles of the status poster as described in Athol Kay's "The Married Man's Sex Life Primer".  My conclusion was that eligible males didn't need to invest the effort to develop an attitude or atmosphere or romance due to a declining sex rank of the bewildered female.  Mind you, this is no stab at her, but rather simple facts and observations.  Here is a quick study of the demographics:

- White female
- 30-35 years of age
- 2+ children
- High school diploma
- Entry level office employment

With these things in mind, what is she doing to be or become someone that a worth-while suitor would feel compelled enough to create an environment of romance?  Ladies and gentlemen, from my seat, it seems the suitor would be taking on liability by getting involved to any degree.  If the suitor is stacking up liability, there's no reason for him to invest any kind of honest effort into the relationship.  With the demographic information alone, I would assign a sex rank of 4.  Taking into consideration some recent photographs of the aging process, a 3.

The Christian Church, as a whole, has done a horrible disservice to youth by telling them that, "it isn't your outward appears that matters, but the beautiful person that you are on the inside".  Outward appearance DOES matter!  If I'm not attracted to your physical looks, what kind of a monster would have to possess me to make me want to invest the effort to see what lies beneath?  That idea is completely irrational.  A woman's physical attraction will typically peak somewhere around the 30 year mark & decline at a rate faster than a man's.  Since a woman's sex rank is based significantly more on physical appearance than a man's (which tend to be more based on career, position in said career, spending & earning potentials, etc), the tables make a dramatic turn at this point because now the man can afford a small pot belly or a balding head and still maintain his same rank.  Conversely, the woman must work extra hard to maintain a good physical appearance.  If that they both start working out & he improves his appearance, suddenly we notice that he's increasing his rank while the woman is only maintaining her current one.  All this to say, ladies, your actions have consequences.  Regardless of how rosy things may look today, things can change.  Life is about choices, chances and consequences.  Chose wisely.