Friday, December 24, 2004

The Paratrooper That Isn't And Never Was

Get a load of this. Some schmuck is seeking asylum (insane?) in Canada because he doesn't want to go to Iraq.

His name is SPC Jeremy Hinzman. To become a paratrooper, you are a twice-over volunteer, if not thrice. First, you have to volunteer for the Infantry. Second, you have to volunteer to be Airborne. I say third because you have to volunteer to join the Army, as well. So let's get this right. You want to collect the additional jump/hazardous duty pay as well as your regular E-4 pay, but you don't want to put any of your training to use? The word that comes to mind is coward. Hinzman reminds me of that Marine a few years back that didn't want to get deployed because never thought he would have to actually shoot someone.

For the Canadians that are defending his wish to stay in the "Soviet Kanuckistan": The 26 year old baby signed a contract. He's is legally bound to it. This contract is with the United States Army. So, butt out before we give you the Kiwi assist right off of North America.

Upon Hinzman's return to America, voluntary or otherwise, he should be shot on site for being a traitor and a deserter. Then we should Nuke The Moon.

When you officially become Airborne and they pin those silver wings on your chest, something changes. You may walk around with your chest puffed out for a few days, but there is something inside you that's different. It is an inside job. Apparently, the change never occurred inside Mr. Hinzman. Too bad, he missed out on a great feeling.


1/507 PIR
D Co
3404 - It was fun.

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