Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend Sports

Greetings, loyal readers!

I know I haven't had a new worthwhile post up in some time. Truth is, the current events that are filling the headlines don't really interest me enough to write about them. The past few weeks have been quite busy. This weekend I'll be gone on a training exercise, so don't expect anything up then, either.

This past Saturday evening I was able to go to the Atlanta Thrasher/ Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. Final score 3-2 with the Lightning on top. It is a pretty interesting experience when you are one of about seven people in the entire arena that applauds when the visiting team scores. The Lightning's defense was amazing. Just from watching them, I think their coach spends more time drilling the team on their defensive tactics than he does on their offensive tactics. I say this not because the offense was weak, but because the defense was that strong. While I'm talking about Saturday's sports, way to go Gators! Being in Georgia, most of these people are blood thirsty UGA fans. As you know, I'm not a big follower of sports, professional or collegiate. However, it was nice to walk around with my chest puffed out a bit farther than usual while saying that I was from Florida. You see, I normally don't care what happens, but enough people had been talking about "the big game" on Saturday, drawing their little crossed-out gator heads all over the place, that I had to root for my teams. One more sports note: Too bad FSU won. Had they lost, it would have been a perfect weekend!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

US-CERT TA05-292A -- Oracle Products Contain Multiple Vulnerabilities



Wednesday, October 19, 2005

US-CERT TA05-291A -- Snort Back Orifice Preprocessor Buffer Overflow



Saturday, October 15, 2005

Crispy's Top Ten "Most Disliked" List

The List in descending order:

1) Child molesters
Way to go scumball. Go after the innocent and defenseless. At least regular rapists go after someone who has a chance at self defense.

2) Terrorists (suicide bombers)
Again, the ones that go after the defenseless. It would be one thing if you walked around and challenged people to fight to the death or a duel or something. Rather, you just run around and randomly blow up people/places without ever giving a reason or hinting at what you would like to see changed. Just strap some explosives around your waste, run out into a vacant lot and make your "expression" there.

3) Terrorists (those that shoot US soldiers who are actually helping their country out)
Self explanatory.

4) Gossipers
So to my face you're going to act like a friend, but the second I turn my back you're going to cut lose with what you think is truth? Get a life.

5) Busy-bodies/Liars/Hypocrites
Very similar to the gossiper, but just slightly disliked less. Hypocrites especially get me going because they can't even figure out what it is they stand for. Busy-bodies are like big government - they poke their face into the things that don't concern or involve them in any way, shape, or form and the result of their actions only winds up hurting other people.

8) Indecisive People
During a fight, the first people to get whacked are those that are sitting on the fence. Pick a side & hold that position until you die (or until you figure out that you're wrong).

9) Incompetent People
If you're incompetent, and it doesn't take a rocket science to diagnose, have the brains to tell a supervisor that maybe you shouldn't be in the position you're in.

10) Annoyance-de-jour.
I don't want anyone to feel left out, so I'll have to leave this position for whoever is in the lead on a daily basis.

I hope you've enjoyed my little rant. Have a good one!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Friends You Choose

The last few days have contained odd events, situations or information. At first glance, they don't really seem to be noteworthy at all. After reflecting on it all, as I usually do at the end of each day, I've come to appreciate my friends a lot more. I'm thankful for the friends that I have because they aren't as shallow as pot holes (not New York pot holes, regular ones). In all honesty, I'm not even sure what brought this on or what the event was that triggered me to start down this mental path. I suppose it would be due to my observational nature, and we have, in part, some of fellow scholars of criminal justice to thank (among other classes).

To all my friends out there, thanks for being real. Thanks for not being superficial. Thanks for being yourselves.


US-CERT ST05-017 -- Cybersecurity for Electronic Devices



Tuesday, October 11, 2005

US-CERT TA05-284A -- Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Exchange Server Vulnerabilities




MRB Marks the One Year Anniversary

Yay. No much to say about it. Just an FYI.


Monday, October 10, 2005

So They Just Want Peace?

Sure. This is the latest video released from terrorists in Iraq. I really think the next person that tells me that Islam is a religion of peace is going to find my fist in their mouth.


Thanks to BareKnucklePolitics.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Beautiful Contradictions of College

So, you get a grade based on participation in an online discussion board. The topic is about individual rights. The first post said,

I support individual rights no matter what. Even in a time of adverse conditons I do not think that there should be an exception to an American citizens rights. The government can find ways to protect the citizens without violating the right established by that government.
How is the fact that if citizens were allowed to carry firearms, 9-11 would never have happened, not related to the topic?

Suggesting that the government were to put defense and personal protection into the hands of citizens through the relaxing of firearm laws, seems to be very much on topic to me.

I love this place.