Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2 Released!

Download it here.


US-CERT TA06-291A -- Oracle Updates for Multiple Vulnerabilities



Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Not Quite My Idea of Heaven

So, there I was innocently clicking around the internet when I stumbled across a music video. Of all places, it happened to be on MySpace (the 2nd worst cesspool on the internet) that I found this little gem.

After watching the music video to that "song", what were your thoughts? And no, I'm not talking about the guy with the turban and the blonde. Who noticed the hippie girl wanting world peace & the kid with dreams of success? If he didn't put the "right" answer the first two times, his third answer probably isn't going to be a sincere answer. But of course, once he joined her opinion, he was worthy of dating and having a relationship with the girl. Nothing like building a relationship on truths & integrity! So, she doesn't care about him for who he is but for what he is willing to give up in order to "impress" her. If she is ignorant enough to actually believe that he wants to see "world peace" (and extremely unobtainable goal), she deserves every bit of pain that she's going to get out of that break up (assuming she even remotely cares about him at all).

It's an interesting heaven that we create for ourselves.

Keeping my head out of the sand one day at a time,

Monday, October 16, 2006

On Being a BadAss

I've received a few questions about what's been going on with Little Iran and the rest of the class in general. Well, I haven't said anything because there hasn't been anything to say! I think my aggressive stance against stupidity has finally paid off with tangible results. Instead of me simply being satisfied with just the public humiliation of a stupid person, I've finally made an impact. Believe it or not, she hasn't said anything stupid. Granted, she hasn't said as much as she used to, but she's limited the stupidity of her comments, as has the class in general. I believe it has generally been accepted that the military side of the room runs everything that happens inside of it. ...Which is, after all, the way it should be.

Death to the Opposition!