Sunday, November 14, 2004

Life Issues III

Seeing how I have failed miserably at going to sleep for the past two hours, I decided it was time to write down some of my thoughts.

As I was lying in bed just a few minutes ago, it finally occurred to me that every girl I have ever been hurt by, I compromised my principles with. Get your mind out of the gutter. Not like that. Seriously though, somewhere along the line I either cut corners or gave them the benefit of the doubt. Most recently my mistake was letting someone get too close before I really knew her well enough to qualify her for that type of a relationship with me. Prior to that, I didn't ask certain people for their advice about me advancing a relationship with a certain person nor did I ask for their opinion of that person. Now, when asking for advice on situations such as these, you must be extremely careful who you ask for advice. The people you seek counsel from need to know you better than you know yourself. They also need to be like-minded. What good would it do me if I were to ask a laboratory culture of STD's his opinion about how "far" you should go? None.

Bottom line, don't compromise. Here's some Crispy Wisdom: If she (or he) tries to tell you to let it go, or don't worry about it, pimp-slap 'em and drop that person like a hot potato. (Note: Do not confuse this person with someone who stretches you or encourages you to grow. We all need stretchers in our lives.) What good is a potential life partner if they just break you down? That's the last thing you need in this world. You need someone who is not only going to build you up, but someone who is going to hold you to a higher standard than you hold yourself to. And respect people's friggin' time. I'm SO sick of hearing, "Oh, I forgot about that." Well, since you can't seem to remember what you say & commit to, how about you don't talk anymore? I'll be more than happy to help remove your tongue for you, if you'd like.

Don't be in a hurry to trust people. I used to never trust people. I made people earn my trust. It seems that in college*, for me at least, I've become more willing to had out my trust to people. In other words, I've become more of a "I'll trust you until you give me a reason not to" type.

NOTAM (Notice to All Members): I'm going back to you having to earn my trust. No more handouts. There are too many stupid people out there. I'm definitely a risk-taker, but this is one area that I'm not risking anything else.

*College really does change a person. The more I think about this, the less I like how accepting I've become of things. It has started to weather my cut & dry, black & white outlook, and in some cases, behavior. Though I know many of you would never be able to tell the difference. Just think, I was more black & white than I am now.

I'm still not tired, but now that I've gotten that out of me, maybe I'll be able to get to sleep. Anyway, as always, feedback is welcome!

Stay Strong,

P.S. - This post took about 26 minutes to write.