Friday, October 05, 2007

Tearing It Apart

Andrew Higgins, an intellectual from Akron, had this to say regarding the Jena Six at 0150 this morning:
i no way am i defending the Jena six at all...they deserve a punishment, they really do the only thing i want to know is why do people ask how do they let a symbol allow them to be enraged when back in the day and STILL today color does the same thing.....I still believe that their punishments are way too harsh. And you say they had difficutlties capturing us, but they did, and it was wrong for africans to sell africans for guns and liquor but hell they didn't have anything themselves! they did what they had to do...
I think that is horrible in it's self. But at the same time they capture and they did bring us here unwillingly, and they forced us into slavery. That is why we ask for what we ask for today.
As usual, I did not change the spelling, punctuation, or content in any way. Now for the fun part.

-Back in the day, color, enraged: I really have no idea what the statement is supposed to mean.

-Punishments too harsh: As Jonathan McQueen of Southern Mississippi stated almost six hours later, "You [the victim] don't have to be on your death bed to warrant an attempted murder charge."

-Capturing us: You were a slave? Didn't think so. You've probably never been to Afrika, let alone had been born there. Use "them", not "us".

-Didn't have anything, what to do?: This is the one I've been waiting for. I'll leave the argument of "How the hell did they manage before the Europeans showed up?" alone. I'm aiming for the more entertaining one today, folks. So using your logic, if they had nothing to start with then you and everyone else should be grateful that the Europeans came to Afrika because they brought you a means to survive. In fact, the slave trade should be considered an act of mercy! They brought you out of the jungles of Afrika where you were starving and gave you food in the States (or Colonies). My God, you should thank every Caucasian you ever see or meet from now on for such a merciful & compassionate work that they performed on your behalf.

-Why we ask for what we ask for today: What the hell are you asking for anyway? Once again, based on your statements, it would seem quite logical to me that you want a one-way ticket back to Afrika. I would gladly accommodate such a desire if it resulted in one less ignorant person being in America! I prefer to fight for people who think & don't blindly follow beings like Sharpton and Jesse. What do you think of Liberia?

While scanning through some other comments and posts on an Anti-Jena Six group (which I am proudly a member of & have recruited others into), I ran across this from Douglas Gagnon of Monroe, LA. It is entitled, "Myths VS Truth":
Myth: Black student asked principal if he could sit under 'White' tree

Truth: Black student JOCULARLY (jokingly) asked the principal if he could sit under the tree (the word white was not mentioned)

Myth: Nooses were hung in response to black students sitting under tree

Truth: Nooses were hung because of pep rally for an upcoming game against the cowboys along with signs saying 'hang'em high', 'Hang dem cowboys' and the like. Also BOTH blacks and whites were putting thier heads through the nooses in a joking manner

Myth: the DA was stictly refering to the blacks with his 'I could end your lifes with a stroke of a pen' statement

Truth: he was addressing EVERYONE who was cutting up, and being immatture (he was rather irritated no one was listening to him/taking him seriously) ; whites and blacks

Myth: a white guy beat up a black guy for trying to enter his all-white party

Truth: There were white and blacks at this INVITATION ONLY party; the one trying to enter where there trying to cause trouble.

Myth: A white man pulled a shotgun on a group of blacks, just because of thier color

Truth: The white man feared for his life being approuched by 3 black students trying to start a fight. So he ran to his truck because he was outnumbered

Myth: The white boy (Justin Barker) said something racial to deserve the beating he got

Truth:they were going to jump somebody (to prove a point). [i am about to repeat what i heard from eye witnesses] they were sitting there waiting for one boy in particular to come out of the gym, when he came out, there were football player behind him, so they back up and let him pass... then a minute or two later Justin came out (random redneck whiteguy - not original target- not directly involved in the 'trash talking') Justin only had girls around him, so they attacked him, while one of them held the door to the cafeteria. ... it was not an honorable fight, he was way outnumbered, on purpose

Myth: Justin was well enough to attend a social function (most interpet this as a party)

Truth: Justin attended a RING ceremony, something he's been waiting YEARS for. He was in excruciating pain, and left right after he got his ring.

Myth: The Jena six were 'Good ole boys'.. they were All-Star athletes.. etc..

Truth: while they were All Star athletes, yes..BUT most had prior convictions. Mychal Bell had 4 prior convictions AND was on probation at the time he helped beat up Justin Baker.

Myth: there was a racist ALL white jury

Truth: The jury was all white because the blacks that got a jury summons DIDN'T appear for jury duty..
Well, that pretty much ends the debate in my eyes. Lock up the Jena 6, or we could do it Mr. Higgins' way & send them back to Afrika.

Justice for ALL.