Friday, September 21, 2007

Get Over It

Against my better judgment, I decided to scan some news headlines this morning. Two students were shot in Delaware. The UN & the AU (African Union. No, I didn't make that up) can't agree on the composition of the peace keeping force. China is scheduling a day to talk to North Korea about nukes, and Israel is being urged to turn over Arab areas. In rapid fire succession, here are my thoughts (you know at least one of them has a rant attached to it).

-Delaware students: As my own dad taught me, nothing good happens late at night. Though I don't believe that nothing good happens, I do agree that the probability of "bad things" exponentially increases when it is late. Lesson learned: Don't be walking around at 1AM, especially when NASCAR people are in town.

-UN/AU: Suck it up, AU. You need all the help you can get. It doesn't really matter if the support comes from Norway. Maybe you should ask them to bring some ice & snow too. I don't believe you are really in a position to pick & chose where you're help comes from.

-China & N. Korea: The dialogue:
China: So, what's a good day for us to meet and talk about your nuclear program, Kim Jong?
KJong: Well, I'm throwing a party for the next week.
China: A party?
KJong: Yeah, man. We gonna party down in P'yang for an entire week straight!
China: But you have starving people in your country. And your people barely have any electricity. Who's paying for this "party"?
KJong: North Korea's paying, baby! I don't care about those people. I'm looking out for number one. Speaking of which, can you guys send some more Crown Royale? I think my country is out.

-Israel & "Them": Israel, being their usual, Army Strong selves, got fed up with the rocket attacks from Gaza (which is controlled by Hamas, at this time). As a result, Israel is cutting back their fuel, electricity and other non-essential goods (not specified). Various Gypsy organizations that exist in Israel (yeah, they're not just here in the US&A) stated the following:

In a joint announcement released Thursday, seven different Israeli rights groups said any such move would be "a grave breach of the foremost principle of international humanitarian law: the obligation to distinguish between combatants and civilians."

The statement also said the step constituted "collective punishment" and would worsen Gaza's "existing humanitarian crisis." Since the Hamas takeover, Israel has closed Gaza's border crossings to nearly everything but humanitarian aid, adding to the economic hardship in the already impoverished territory.

What these knuckleheads can't figure out is that the CIVILIANS in the Gaza area MUST become fed up with the lifestyle that they are living AS A RESULT of the actions of Hamas (read: terrorists). Once the PEOPLE step up & demand that Hamas take a hike, Israel will be safe (from that threat) and the quality of life in the Gaza area will improve. Israeli government spokesman David Baker had this to say:
"Any situation in which Palestinian terrorists fire upon Israeli cities and towns is an untenable situation, one we won't tolerate, and we will use the means necessary in order to enable our citizens to live in peace and quiet once again."
I agree with Mr. Baker's comments 120%. To the Gypsy's out there: Shove Off!

Jordan is Palestine. Yahweh Akbar!